Summer Room

In the snowy, frosty winter of 2008 I purchased a 2 000 square metre plot from an estate. On the lot stood a main building and an outbuilding that had previously been inhabited by a hermit. The purchase was a spur of the moment type of thing and I had no idea what I would do with the buildings. I braced myself from the start that the houses would have to be demolished. Fortunately, this was not the case and the supporting structures of both buildings were in good shape.

The house did not have any papers, but it was finally discovered that the timber frame was built in 1945. The demolishing and complete renovation of the interiors took nearly three years. And almost all of that work was done by volunteers. At first there were many helpers but towards the end their numbers thinned as the volunteers grew tired, as one would expect. Along the way the idea of turning the house into a guesthouse was born. The renovation of the main building was completed in 2011.

The outbuilding, painted with red ochre, was long and its roof was sloping. The roof was re-decked and the walls received a new coat of the same paint. The outbuilding, built in 1945, still has its original sauna with its original wood-burning stove, and the first thing me and my sister Eveliina did was build new benches and seats for the sauna. The walls were also treated. What good luck we had that the old stove and hot water cauldron still worked. In this sauna, the genuine spirit of Finnish löyly lives on and bathers get to experience something truly special.

The room next to the sauna used to function as an upholstering room. At the time of purchase the room’s ceiling was on the ground and the space was filled with sawdust. The room was demolished and a new room, the Summer Room, was built in the granary space using unplaned planks. Broad boards were used to build a summer terrace in front of the sauna and the granary. The wall of the terrace is made of the old doors removed from the house.

The Summer Room comfortably accommodates five people. There is a bunk bed, a folding sofa and a loft. As the name suggests, the Summer Room can only be booked in the summer. The room can be heated with a radiator or wood-burning stove when necessary, which requires a pinch of wilderness spirit from the lodgers. The room is equipped with a microwave oven and a water kettle. WC and shower facilities are found in the house next door. There is also an outhouse.

The Summer Room is brimming with atmosphere, as long as you are not looking for five star accommodations. Many lodgers seeking something different have really enjoyed these more modest accommodations. Children and anglers have been especially fond of the Summer Room. Here you can hear the rain pattering on the roof or enjoy breakfast on the terrace on a sunny day. You will also wake up to bird song while watching the squirrels run in the trees. The kitchen of Majatalo Torppa is also there for the lodgers to use.

The outbuilding with the sauna and the Summer Room also has a small room where we store logs for the sauna and yard games for the lodgers. The lodgers may also use the BBQ sites on the yard. The wood-burning sauna as well as the electric sauna in Majatalo Torppa may be reserved separately.

The room price includes bed linen and towels.

Four reasons to choose Summer Room

Affordable – no booking fee


Peaceful surroundings

Barbecue areas

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