Activities in the surroundings of
Majatalo Torppa

The surroundings of Majatalo Torppa offer great opportunities for various outdoor activities.

The terrific nature, hiking grounds and bike routes ensure that there is something for everyone.

Siikakoski Rapids and the fishing pier and new fish ladder at Korkeakoski Rapids are great spots for salmon fishers. In addition to fishing, the Kymi River offers white-water rafting, paddling, swimming and hiking routes. Langinkoski Rapids and the historical Imperial Fishing Lodge in Kotka, built by Alexander III of Russia, are also worth experiencing.

There is also an aviation museum and a motorsports centre within only a few kilometres of the guesthouse.

The Kotka city centre is not far either. The city of Kotka has wonderful parks and picnic spots with unique views over the Baltic Sea. The Vellamo Maritime Centre and the aquariums of Maretarium are also well worth seeing. Situated a dozen kilometres west of Kotka, the Sirius Sport Resort in Pyhtää offers you the chance to fly, surf and have an adventure on ropes.

Rapids fishing in Kotka

The casting pier at Korkeakoski is a great place for catching salmon, sea trout and whitefish migrating upstream from the sea. In June 2016, the long-awaited fish ladder was inaugurated to allow salmon to rise even further up the Kymi River. The Korkeakoski branch is also a terrific place for trying out rowboat fishing.

Ruhavuolle, a very fast-flowing shoot between two quiet sections, is the spot for fly fishers. The fish here are often very large – the biggest whoppers are somewhere around the 20 kilogram mark.

Siikakoski, Kokonkoski and Hinttulankoski form a string of rapids over a kilometre long where countless good spots offer anglers and fly fishers salmon, rainbow trout and sea trout.

Langinkoski Rapids is the number one rapids destination in southern Finland for catching sea trout. The area is reserved solely for fly fishing.

The Kymi River offers both action and peace

The Kymi River is abundant with exciting experiences and fast-paced moments. Rafting in the raging rapids is a unique experience well worth having.

The Kymi River runs near Majatalo Torppa and provides opportunities for canoeing, rapids swimming and hiking on the shore trails while taking in the beauty of nature.

Motorsports for thrill seekers

The tracks and circuits of the Kotka Motorsports Centre, maintained by Karhula Motor Club, offer versatile opportunities for speed devils. The Centre has great tracks and conditions for enduro, supermoto, speedway racing, carting, folkracing and motocross. The Motorsports Centre organises several large competitions and events each year.

Airfield and aviation museum

The aviation museum maintained by the Karhula Aviation Club is the only one of its kind in the Kymenlaakso region. Preserving old planes has been the Club's dream for a long time now. The Club's first airplane, the Harakka I, was put into storage way back in 1959. However, the actual museum activities only began in August 1992 when the Finnish Air Force gifted the Club a decommissioned Fouga CM 170 Magister FM-43 jet. The jet was first placed in a glider hangar.

Sports experiences at Sirius

Sirius is able to realise our age-old dream of flight in a fun and safe way! In addition to flying, Sirius offers great winds for surfing for both beginners and experienced wave wranglers. The rope adventure park invites you to exceed yourself. After the thrills it is time to relax in Skyfall, a restaurant of distinguished quality. Sirius means experiences, togetherness and enjoyment. You are most welcome!

Aquarium House Maretarium

At the Maretarium you will be able to meet most of Finland's fish species. Some species are on display both as small fry and big old whoppers. The fish at the Maretarium live according to Finnish seasons. In addition to fish, the aquariums are also inhabited by other creatures such as crayfish and, in the summertime, frogs and newts.

Maretarium has plenty of free parking outside.